We all want more. Actually, some of us really don’t. Some of us are so content with what we were given and what we currently have. We just wait around for more to come along. There’s no timeline for when when things will happen.  But, then there’s the other group of people out there. 

Those people are sometimes referred to as “go-getters.” They do whatever it takes to get more. Throgh corruption or legitimacy, they’re working their tails off to obtain more. Those people aren’t waiting. They feel that waiting is an excuse, a weakness, a setback. Waiting truly doesn’t exist in their lives. There’s nothing wrong with any of this. However, let’s discuss what we can learn from both types of people here. 

Waiting can calm people down and leave them at ease, mentally. Waiting can truly heal a person’s mind because time does that for people. Time away from grinding can cure the mind of all the mishaps, hiccups, bumps, stresses, etc that come with grinding. All I’m saying; balance. Grind all you want or wait all you want, but there has to be a happy medium. Shut the mind down when it has to be shut down. Stir things up when the mind needs stimulation. However, “to each their own.” Don’t hate on or disrespect the people who are truly happy with what they’ve got. Don’t hate on or disrespect the people out their chasing whatever it is they’re dreaming of. 

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