Find What You’re Good At 

And work on becoming GREAT at it. 

A lot of people spend a large part of their life figuring out what they can be great at. What they don’t know is that, what they’re good at already is enough. They just have to work on becoming great at it. Yes, I know some people don’t think they’re good at anything, but they’re few and far between. I’d like to believe that anyway.. 

It’s a little crazy to think that there truly are people out there who just spend almost all of their time trying to be good at a whole bunch of “stuff” and not focus on one thing. Focus = follow one course until successful. I say this because I was guilty of doing it. A lot of tremendously successful people are guilty of doing it at one point in time. What happens is, an obsession kicks in. It’s not a bad thing either. In fact, it’s phenomenal. Obsess over it until you’re absolutely great at it. Until you’re master of your way. 

This doesn’t necessarily have to do with success either. If you’re looking to be great at something, think about what you’re good at. Once you figure that part out, it’s only the beginning. As far as the successful part goes; it’s definitely going to apply here as well. You can’t really unlock potential if you’re dipping into a bunch of different baskets. You have to focus on one. Exhaust everything you have. Don’t take no for an answer and do everything you can to become a master at what you’re looking to do. Basketball, baseball, building computers, photography, dance, math, etc. The list goes on and on. It can be ANYTHING. A lot of people have NO IDEA, but all of the greatest people remembered were obsessed with what they did and what they do. They lived it and breathed it. This is far from an exaggeration. 

To give you two examples: Kobe Bryant is considered one of the greatest basketball players of all time. He would spend countless hours at the gym shooting before his practices even started. Jay Z walked around with a notebook and wrote down everything he saw and thought about in a single moment to come up with a lot of his music, lyrically. 

These are two examples of what people do to become incredibly great at what they do. It may seem simple, that’s because it is. However, its overlooked. It’s taken for granted. 

Look it, go out there and tackle whatever it is you want to get great at. Put your head down and do EVERYTHING in your power to become a grand master at whatever it is you want to. Don’t let people tell you no. Don’t let people tell you, you’ll suck at it. The reason they’re saying that is because they aren’t great at anything so they don’t want you to be either. 

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