Having A Plan

Having a plan for anything is one of the best things you can have for yourself. I’m not talking about a thought. I’m not talking about an idea. I’m not talking about this crazy scenario you pictured. I’m talking about something you’ve put in writing. Something you’ve drawn out for yourself. A path hat you’ve physically planned out for yourself in order to reach a goal.

Most people in their mid to late twenties have a lot of ideas running through their head. How to make more money, how to obtain a better physique, how to save money, how to pay off debt, how to eat better, etc. The list goes on and on. The list also gets far more complicated with things like, how to buy a house, how to run a business, and so on. What most don’t actually do; write down a plan. Young adults don’t set time lines, they don’t use calendars consistently, they don’t actually partake in anything that’s remotely close to leaving them organized. That’s where things don’t go right.

It didn’t go as planned? Well, that’s because that thought you had, wasn’t a real plan. It was just a thought. Instead of using your free time for not so productive activities, use your free time every now and then to budget, plan, and organize yourself.

In order to succeed with something you have to F.O.C.U.S. Follow One Course Until Successful. Right that down and don’t forget it. Follow through with a course of actions. Write down a plan for how you’ll pay off your student loans. Write down a plan for how you’re going to obtain 20 pounds of muscle. Be as thorough as you can be. Use a timeline, daily check-ins, etc. Consistently budgeting will allow you to do so much more with your life and you’ll actually pay things off a lot sooner than you thought you could (I learned that the hard way).

This post is to get our generation to be more responsible and aware of what’s happening and away from a “go with the flow” type of attitude. Create that destiny you dreamed of. Write down a plan. If you don’t know how. Seek help. I’m able to assist in some way, shape, or form. Whether it’s myself or me passing you along to someone who I know can help. Be smart about it.

This literature is incredibly intriguing.


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