Family Is Everything 

Look at that; A family pyramid. 

I don’t know about you, but family is everything to me. They’re the most important people in my life. Regardless of what happens with them, I always make sure to salvage everything I can. Obviously some lines shouldn’t be crossed. No matter what. When they are, things will work out eventually. 
There’s no way around running into hardship with family. Whether it’s about money, kids, marriage, in-laws, etc, there’s no way around it. One thing you should learn is that it’s important to help family out and to not turn your back on them. Some people think they can turn their friends into family, but it doesn’t work like that. Unfortunately, your blood bond is far stronger than the bond a friendship holds. It’s just not the same.  

One thing I try to do; go somewhat out of my way to help family. It may not happen immediately following your assistance, but that family member will eventually pay you in return. If you help a loved one out and you’re desperately trying to get them to return the favor, it just won’t happen. There’s too much greed going on. Be patient. Be grateful. Be thankful that that person is simply a member of your family. Keep them close no matter what. You also need to use better judgement in this kind of situation. If it’s a huge favor they’ve asked for, maybe sit this one out if you don’t think they’ll be able to return your favor. However, don’t deny that person constantly. You’ll tear a relationship up that way. Some people just need help. They don’t even mean to seek it. Trouble just finds them. To give you an example; I have a family member who’s always asking for money. I think everyone has someone like that in their family. I can do one of two things that makes sense. Simply not answer their request or, the other. I could answer their request and then be disappointed at never ever seeing that money or a favor again. Why would I be upset with them when I know I shouldn’t put myself in that situation in the first place. Be smart. 

Have a good time. Have a phenomenal time. No matter what, when your family gathers, party your ass off. Live. Laugh. Love. Every single time you’re around them. Every holiday. Every home-coming gathering. You should be smiling, without fail, the entire time. That’s what my picture promotes. Our family does some weird stuff. But we love each other to death. We always will. 

Take each other on vacations. Host parties for the family. Have surprise birthday parties, pool parties, etc. The possibilities are endless. Try not to go out of your way to shun them. Be a kind heart and a loving soul. What you get in return for those two will always be priceless. 

Like, follow, share some feedback. Thanks again for reading! 

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