Smiling, Laughing, and Giving 

To the left: A fun time of smiling, laughing, and giving, with my love. 

Most all of us love to do the first two. However, the third is one a lot of us can work on. 
Putting a smile on your face can simply help make you a happier person. Fortunately, so can laughing. The more amazing thing about these two is that, putting a smile on another person’s face and making them laugh will do even more to make you happier. Yesh, I know, comedians have the best job in the world. 

Everyday you should try to make someone do both, smile and laugh. It will lighten and brighten up your day. It’ll bring the good out in you and the person you’re affecting. There shouldn’t be a day that goes by where you don’t light up with a smile and let out a little cackle. The people out there who plan on ruining someone’s day or making someone pissed off don’t realize that they’re hurting themselves more than they think they’ll hurt their target. Don’t be a part of those misfits. Sooner or later, a person of that kind will realize how unhappy they really are. They’ll want to make a change to their dreadful days. 

Giving is one of the harder tasks at hand here. It’s incredibly difficult to let go of things or just be willing and able to help someone out. You tend to always want something in return. Something tangible. Something that you can hang on to. However, there’s more to it. Giving leads to someone being grateful and that’s where it counts. Giving is supposed to be one of the greatest feelings because of what you’re helping that other person or people feel. Give a little day by day and you’ll experience what it’s like to make someone grateful for something that YOU provided. That difference that you’ve made is something that is beyond priceless. 

The following are all worth looking in to in order to really discover the effects of the above.

Don’t forget to show them dimples, laugh with some friends, and give back every now and then. They’ll all make you feel better. 

Thanks again for stopping by. Leave a comment, share, like. Enjoy your day! 

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