The Longest Marathon

There’s only few people out there who don’t constantly set goals that they’re looking to meet. We all have a goal or two every now and then that we would like to meet. Sometimes, we set a goal and obtain that goal without even knowing. That’s pretty unfortunate, considering it’s a pretty damn good feeling when you meet that goal.

Goal setting is important when you’re trying to move forward with something. It’s a very good way to measure where you’re at and where you’re looking to go. Speaking to a friend recently, I came to realize that every now and then you can lose sight of where you were going and it’s very difficult to keep positive and on the path when you think you’re not seeing any success. I reminded him of how long a marathon is and how most people wouldn’t dare to run one. He stated that he wouldn’t ever even think about running one. I told him that he shouldn’t think like that because if he’s not willing to take such a step, there’s no way he was going to be able to keep moving forward.

Anything worth having is certainly going to take some effort. The amount of effort needed is always a question at hand. You also have to remember that it will be the longest run, the longest process, and that it’s not going to happen overnight. Life can’t even happen overnight so how could anything worth having happen overnight?

Whether you’re building a website, a brand, a new body, a new company, new clientele, etc. It doesn’t matter what it is, but you need to remind yourself that A) it’s not going to build itself and B) it’s not going to happen overnight. Think about body builders or fitness models. So many people are extremely jealous or envious of the lifestyle that they live, but little do they know, a prodigious amount of sacrifice goes along with that lifestyle. Not only that, but they spend every waking hour trying to sculpt their masterpiece.

You need to practice this mindset. There needs to be an agreement between you and your goal that you’re going to do whatever it takes to meet it, no matter how long it takes.

The book below is a great one if you’re looking to really focus on one thing and put forth the effort.

I had set a goal to obtain a physique I had in mind. I studied everything I could and reached out to a number of people for help in order to do so. I still haven’t reached my end goal and don’t think I ever will because that’s what goals are all about. They’re never ending.


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