Were You The One Laughing?

The featured image is a photo of me shooting 3 darts and hitting bulls-eye every shot. I’ve done it twice. I haven’t done it within the same session, but I have had people there to prove this happening each time. It took time, practice, and patience.

This is somewhat of a comical topic. We have all been in a situation where we’re the one being watched or we’re watching that someone who doesn’t know how to throw, kick, catch, punch, shoot, etc. You’re unfortunately not coordinated at all and everyone is laughing.  Fortunately, you can work on it.

Some people were “gifted” with coordination. To tell you the truth, it’s probably not a gift. You really have to pay attention to a young one’s upbringing. I’m talking from the early early early years. You know, when a baby isn’t even crawling yet. Coordination starts there. Yes, that far back. There are plenty of examples to give to you in regards to where coordination really begins to develop. To keep at as simple as possible, some babies who skip crawling and start walking right away, have a difficulty with feet-eye coordination. They have a more difficult time kicking a soccer ball or just simple doing things with their feet. People who don’t work on throwing things at a younger age will typically have difficulty picking anything up when they get older. For instance, playing basketball, throwing a football or Frisbee. These examples are very simplistic so bear with me.

The point here is that you can always work on it! You’re always able to develop a skill. You have to keep in mind that it’s YOUR timeline and no someone else’s. You can’t and shouldn’t compare to someone else who may have learned the same things you’re trying to learn in a shorter amount of time. Trust me, I used to do that and it would get to me pretty quickly. Not even remotely close to being a good thing either. It’s throws off your whole mentality.

Don’t be the one laughing at the person, thinking, “Wow, I’m way better at this than they are.” Your worst nightmare is when someone becomes more hard working and disciplined than you and ends up showing you up. Be modest if you’re naturally good at something and for lack of a better phrase, work in silence. There’s no need to gloat about something yourself. Let others do that for you!

To give you an example. Check out my instagram post below. I was able to hop on a unicycle after practicing a couple hours for 3 or 4 days, and ride away at least for a short period of time. Excuse the language in the video as myself and the friend recording were inebriated.

Attempting the Unicycle

Having not much to do with coordination but more importantly to do with being able to practice and learn anything you set your mind to; here’s a picture for you. In this photo I was able to do a small amount of research and successfully attempt to fix a cracked laptop screen without having to pay an arm and a leg for, what I learned to be less than 10 minutes of labor.

A new screen

Go out there and become great at whatever you want. The only real person stopping you is the negativity you end up surrounding yourself with and your own self.

Thanks again for reading. Stop by next time. Leave a comment, share, or like.

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