Get A Good Night Of Sleep 

Featured image: I was able to catch a beautiful sunrise after a great night of sleep. 

Every now and then you all have a sleepless night. Believe the fact that when you do have one, you’re not alone. Try not to judge yourself for having a restless night. I used to get mad at myself for not being able to sleep every so often, but recently a friend of mine helped me develop a mindset that was more accepting of a restless situation. Don’t judge yourself for it. 
Life will throw curve balls. Those curve balls will also come from all different directions. Sometimes you may think you’re not prepared, but believe it or not, you’re always prepared. There will always be something you can do to turn the situation around for yourself. When it comes to getting a good night of rest; you should feel motivated to get one. Don’t let a day of chaos ruin a night of rest. 

You may ask how do I work on getting a good night of rest? You should probably start by developing a sleep happy mindset. Sound funny to you? Not all of us out there can fall asleep on command. Although, it would be damn nice if we all could. If you’re not one of those people, do things to calm yourself at night and stay relaxed. Stretch, slower breathing, meditation, watch a mindless show, listen to slower bpm music, etc. There are plenty more. Then, when you actually close your eyes, picture yourself sleeping. That’s really all it takes. I know it may seem weird, but the picture yourself sleeping part is, by far, most important. In other words, be fully in the moment. Don’t let your mind wander about anything, but you sleeping. 

A good night of rest will help you out tremendously. You’ll be more calm in the morning. Simply due to being well-rested. Your mind will work better. Simply due to being well-rested. You’re able to go an entire day without necessarily needing a nap. Productivity is higher. A good night of sleep is your way of escaping reality for a bit and enjoying the power of dreaming. 

Tonight, focus on getting a good night of sleep. Make it your mission to have one of the best nights of sleep you can get. Then measure your mood the following morning and confirm that it was worth it. 

Any one of these will help you in any tight situation. 

Zen music

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