The Importance of Balance

Almost everyone out there will tell you that they’ve obsessed over something at one point in time. Almost everyone out there will also tell you that they learned about how balance can play an important role in their lives.

Let’s try not to get confused here. There are some people out there who make a living doing what they love and then there are some people out there who, unfortunately, don’t make a living doing the things they love. This particular group of people doesn’t really have a choice trying to balance their lives. It just kind of happens because they certainly don’t want to be doing what they do for 8-9 hours for work on the days they don’t have off from work. HOWEVER, try to think about the people who are “living their dreams.” Traveling, doing whatever they want, making music, professional fighting, marketers, stock exchange, etc. People who have, what we consider a “normal job” think it must be surreal to live such a life. Stop for a minute, think about whether or not these people are doing these things day in and day out for the rest of their life. Maybe for a short period of time, yes. We’re talking about a time period of less than 20-30 years. Someone traveling far too much, will need time off. Someone fighting too many times a year, will need time off. Someone trading way too much or working on the stock market, will need time off. It doesn’t have to be a long time away, but there needs to be separation. There needs to be some sort of detachment.

Vacation is a word that every human being gets excited about. A couple times a year we look forward to a place to go we haven’t been before or a home away from home that we have been to before. That’s great and all, but what do people actually do on vacation? They just enjoy themselves, right? Think about this for a second. I’ve known people to take vacations and actually reflect on their lives and believe it or not, they’ve  come back home from vacation and made major life changes.  It could be a new career, a new family, a new anything. These are the reasons I think people should really take vacation. Balance your life out and figure out what you’re doing too much of and what you’re doing too little of.

I promise you, you’ll be much happier with the fact that you’re not drowning yourself with one activity, one hobby, one person, etc. After all, why would you want to spend this one lifetime doing one thing over and over again… 

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