Mental vs Physical

This post comes from a feeling. 

I truly think and know, at this point, there’s a significant difference between mental and physical health. Living a healthy lifestyle is great and all, but there’s a little more to it. A healthy lifestyle is more than just hydrating daily and feasting with your loved ones on nutrient dense foods.

The key is to have these two categories aligned. You don’t want to have great physical health and poor mental health. That wouldn’t be right at all. Everyone seems to forget that most everything they’re around throughout the day is a distraction. Of course, when you’re alone, that’s when you start to really get an idea of where you are presently. Some people overthink where they are and start to immediately worry about the future. Which, in all honesty has nothing on the importance of the present. Start doing things for you. 
Focus on feeling enlightened. I have figured out that feeling enlightened is essentially the same as feeling a high. When you work out you get a great pump and endorphins are being released to help the body naturally cope. Well, feeling enlightened will help with the status of your mental health. Thinking positive will come from doing things that make you feel enlightened. Don’t get wrapped up in drinking, being a delinquent, or even drugs. Nothing good ever comes from these. Instead, keep your natural support group close. 

There are going to be people you choose to surround yourself with. This choice can sometimes be made subconsciously too. Sometimes you just surround yourself with people unknowingly because they make you feel good or they’re fun to be around. A more simplistic way to say it is, they provide something for you. However, you have to make sure THAT something impacting you, is positive instead of negative. 

Working out, running, biking, lifting, cross-fit; it doesn’t matter what it is, but it isn’t and shouldn’t be the only thing you’re doing to keep yourself healthy. Start writing, pick up photography, meditating, stretching, etc. There are so many things out there that people can be doing to keep themselves away from the many distractions out there that really don’t provide any sort of positive impact on our health. 

Leave some feedback if you’d like. It’s always welcome and appreciated. 

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