You’re On the Go

Every time you have to go somewhere, you may be thinking about what you’re going to eat when you arrive. There are some people who actually don’t really think about this because they know that they can just stop somewhere convenient and get something. That’s great and all, but doing so affects a few different areas of your life.

Certainly this will make an impact on your body. Depending on the type of food you get, you could have a good rest of the day or a fairly “blah” rest of the day.  A lot of fast food will give you a pretty good feeling for a short period of time and then it’s over. You’ll be hungry again in no time, even after eating a bunch of food and you’ll feel like garbage at. Those aren’t two feelings you should feel at the same time. The other thing that we’re not entirely aware of is, stopping for food multiple times a month, all year long can definitely have an affect on the dollar signs in your bank account. Just be smart about it.

Planning your days out to the best of your ability will always pay off. Obviously there’s only so much you can plan and you need to understand that. There is certainly some unpredictability in a person’s day, no matter what day it is. For instance, I was moving furniture this weekend with my father and brother, but I really didn’t let it stop me. I didn’t really know the exact time I was going to be moving and I also didn’t know if I would be hungry or not. You have to eat when you have to eat, though.

Look it, if you’re already planning your meals out and eating healthy, why not make the best of it. There aren’t really any consequences when it comes to taking care of yourself on the go. Make sure you have a water bottle and some food if you’re going to be out of your house for a long period of time. Even if it’s just an apple or some sort of healthy snack. It’ll certainly pay off.


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