Not Sure What To Do?

It’s your first time getting into nutrition and you’re not sure where to even start? Have you ever even paid attention to what you eat? No? Not ever? Well, it’s really not that hard. Preparing for a competition is hard when it comes to tracking calories, macros, water, sodium, etc. To put it simply, eating healthy really isn’t all that difficult as it’s made out to be.

There’s certainly more than one way to do it. Just like there’s more than one way to do a lot of things. Some people just go online, pick their meals and it shows up at their doorstep. Some people prep their meals on their own. Some people have an in-house cook…Personally, I prepare my own. It’s very rewarding to discipline yourself. Try to take advantage of it.

You don’t have to make it overwhelming. No one is going to make you cook your meals in advance. However, it’s going to be extremely overwhelming to cook healthy meals for yourself every single day, multiple times a day. Not to mention, when you have other priorities, such as work and family time, things can get fairly busy.

Start with the little things. Cook a breakfast for yourself every morning. Eggs take literally 5 minutes to cook. Throw in some oatmeal, a piece of wheat toast, a piece of fruit, or yogurt and you’re set. If you find yourself following that routine pretty easily, start branching yourself out. Start cooking your main meals once or twice a week. Try to cook for the next 3 to 4 days if possible. Make sure you have a protein, a carb, and some fats. Check this out for instance; Meal Prepping. I keep things very basic. I use a hot sauce and some sort of green herb for seasoning on whatever meat I’m cooking, with broccoli, and rice.

Once you can do this for a couple weeks in a row, you’ll be good to go. Get your lift on. Make sure you’re continuously hydrating as it will help with digestion and transporting all those important nutrients that you’re feasting on throughout your body. This book will give you a better understand of what this kind of discipline is all about.


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