Breathing A Certain Way?

Most people don’t even think about breathing.. they just do it, right? It’s a crucial part of being healthy, but we often ignore it. Most personal trainers, avid gym goers, specialists, etc. don’t know much about the fact that breathing a certain way could help you out in the gym and in life, tremendously. So what about breathing?

There’s a certain way to breath in regards to keeping yourself under control, (nose breathing). Including when you work out. You would think that almost everyone out there would like to breathe in a calm and controlled manner. However, half the time when someone is going through some sort of anxiety, panic attack, intense lift, or feeling of nervousness, they don’t even know that their breathing changes. What kind of breathing is good vs. bad?

Chest breathing isn’t so great for you. Breathing through your chest will typically get more adrenaline pumping throughout your body. This triggers a fight of flight response and most of the time you don’t need such a response being triggered. Breathing calmly through your nose not only gets you the highest quality oxygen to your lungs, but it creates a very controlled and relaxed environment for yourself (ball of energy). Before I read what I’m referring to in this post, I knew very little about the effects of chest breathing, mouth breathing, breathing heavy, breathing noticeably, etc. After I read a book called The Oxygen Advantage, my life was impacted in a way I didn’t think it could be. A simply, yet incredibly important way.  Pick a copy up here: The Oxygen Advantage. It’s a quick read and it’s well worth it. These are the reads that mean the most. The little things that are written about in books like this one, are the things that are life altering in the most unexpected way. They help you develop a better understanding for why you feel the things you feel on a daily basis.

In the end, there’s no reason to not want to learn more about the INVOLUNTARY actions that your body partakes in. They may be “automatic,” but that gives you no reason to ignore them. Try to become a master of the human body or better yet, a master of yourself.

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