A Quick One

So you haven’t been to the gym in forever, but you want to just jump right back into it? Most people wouldn’t think twice about telling you to get back in the gym right away if you’re looking to see a change. How about taking a different approach; a smarter approach?

It hasn’t been a full year, but it’s been quite some time since you’ve touched some iron or even worked on a consistent caloric intake. Think about the fact that you’ve been sedentary for 8 months. Your body has now adjusted to that type of daily routine. Your water intake has changed, your caloric intake has dropped tremendously due to the fact that you don’t need all of that energy anymore or calories to build. However, all your buddies and girlfriends are telling you to get right back in there.

Don’t give in to such peer pressure. Work on your routine. After all, that’s all health and wellness is; a fantastic routine. A phenomenal one for the people who are in tremendous shape. Work on eating like you’re going to the gym. Work on hydrating yourself consistently. Ever heard of faking it until you make it? Well, fake it (pretend like you’re going to the gym so eat and drink like you are) until you’re about to make it (going to the gym and kicking ass). There’s no point in going if you aren’t going to feed yourself the proper nutrients. FEED YOUR BODY PROPERLY.


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